The QUESST (Quick. Efficient. Structured. Staffing.) methodology is focused on delivering high quality services to our customers and our consultants. With its origins in mathematical models and developed over two decades, QUESST represents a philosophy and way of doing business that minimizes errors, ensures consistency, and enhances customer satisfaction. Through a rigorous analysis of data and ratios, QUESST allows the Stowe Group to continually improve our performance, as measured by our internal metrics and customer net promoter scores.

Because of our dedicated commitment to our QUESST methodology, the Stowe Group is able to discover talented individuals that most customers and competitors are unable to surface. More importantly, our proven approach enables the Stowe Group to develop qualified implementation capabilities in newly released product lines. We use a combination of off- and on-line training, as well as structured mentoring, shadowing and reverse shadowing programs to produce consultants that contribute in the least amount of time.