The Stow Group’s PAMPER (Post Assignment Maintenance Plan Executed Rigorously) methodology ensures that consistent, ongoing, and effective communications are maintained with our consultants and customers to ensure that:

• Consultants are satisfied and effectively supporting the customer. Focusing on consultant care reduces turnover and provides the Stowe Group with continuous improvement opportunities.
• Consultants have an avenue to collaborate with The Stowe Group leadership to share any issues that may occur during an engagement
• The Stowe Group engages in regular, closed-loop dialogue with our consultants and customers to address issues, mitigate risks and quickly solve problems

PAMPER is a comprehensive approach to providing care and feeding for our consultants from on-boarding to sun-setting. Utilizing this methodology allows the Stowe Group to provide a rich feedback loop for our customers in terms of both issues and opportunities. Stowe Group leadership performs a weekly review of the PAMPER dashboard that highlights satisfaction levels and identifies potential escalations before they turn into a crisis.