The Stowe Group is dedicated to ensuring we address our customers’ expectations, develop and improve our relationships, and regularly measure our clients’ satisfaction. We have assigned personnel with extensive healthcare and account management expertise to administer our EMERGE (Engagement Management and Executive Relationship Growth Engine) methodology.

The purpose of the EMERGE program is to ensure that clients have direct access to the following:

  • An executive sponsor and advocate who is dedicated to representing our customers’ needs at the Stowe Group
  • A primary escalation point to address outstanding issues, mitigate risks, and ensure high levels of satisfaction

Via the EMERGE program, it is the responsibility of the Director of Client Services to ensure that a customer experiences a rigorous and professional engagement management process across all projects. The Director of Client Services will work closely with the Director of Consulting Services (consultant manager) to ensure that all performance issues are addressed in less than 48 hours, if not sooner.

The EMERGE program demonstrates the Stowe Group’s investment in our clients and our ability to ensure exceptional customer service. EMERGE creates an avenue for the Stowe Group to provide our clients with consultative guidance, best practices, and recommendations to guide them in developing effective approaches to their strategic initiatives.