Even with all of the right plans and processes in place, the success of any project has a lot to do with having the right people, with the right talents in the right place at the right time.

At the Stowe Group we consider resource management to be a core competency. A competency that is as equally as important as project and program management.

It’s our expertise in resource management that serves as the basis for our consistently high levels of client satisfaction.

Our discipline and focus is to ensure that all of the right resources are brought to bear early on in the project to ensure all projects start strong. We achieve this by staying focused on a core set of issues and industries, and by drawing on a deep, national bench of consultants that have on average more than 15 years of technical and functional expertise and experience in their field.

By being able to draw on a range of resources we create a balanced view across strategy, people, process and technology. This holistic approach emphasizes and allows us to deeply understand our client’s unique business needs and enables us to successfully develop and implement practical business strategies and technology solutions.

The Stowe Group combines an engagement model that allows us to be managed as a smaller and more nimble firm, with the depth and breadth of resources that comes from being a larger national firm, and the experience that comes from 15 years of solving client issues.