Regulatory Reform (MU and ICD-10)

The regulatory and compliance issues facing healthcare providers today can seem daunting as it impacts every system and aspect of your entire organization. Every process, program, workflow, interface and application will need to be evaluated and adapted. And the bar keeps getting raised higher while the deadlines get tighter. Whether it’s preparing for ICD-10 or attesting for Meaningful Use (MU), Stage 1 or 2, Stowe Group has the experience, subject matter expertise and the technology resources to help your organization successfully navigate the many challenges associated with healthcare reform.

No matter where you are on your journey, our experts can work with your team to assess and drive remediation for the entire organization.  We have the experience, scale and breadth of capabilities to help you take full advantage of the opportunity to improve patient care and drive out costs on your road to compliance. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and solutions including project management, planning, impact analysis, readiness assessments, implementation, remediation and training.

Contact us to learn more about how the Stowe Group can help you successfully comply with the various state and federal regulations and more importantly build the foundation for the ultimate goal of improved patient outcomes