Health Information Exchange

The rising need for providers and payers to securely exchange patient information is creating a significant demand on organizations to provide experienced and seasoned health information experts (HIE) experts. Stowe Group’s team of HIE professionals has worked across the nation to deploy HIEs at state, regional, and IDN levels. We partner closely with leading HIE technology companies and public/private HIE leadership to design and develop robust information exchange frameworks. Some of the leading HIE vendors, include:HIE Graphic

  • InterSystems
  • Orion
  • Optum/Axolotl
  • Allscripts/dbMotion
  • Alere/Wellogic
  • Covisint
  • Siemens MobileMD

A critical element of any HIE implementation is the large number of interfaces that need to be developed to efficiently publish and consume structured data. Stowe Group’s HIE staff works closely with our Interoperability experts to deliver a complete solution. Our experts are ready to work with you to implement a comprehensive HIE solution.