Business Intelligence / Analytics

It’s a watershed moment for the healthcare industry as significant investments in enterprise technologies are setting the stage for the transition towards managing population health and wellness and driving metrics to achieve the savings associated with accountable care. Under pressure from the government, patients and payers, the shift away from fee for service towards shared risk and capitation demands that healthcare providers turn data into meaningful and actionable information.

Properly leveraging this financial, operational and clinical data can serve as a major competitive advantage in improving the speed and quality of care while driving down costs. But the disparity between those that have seen tremendous results and those that are left with idle investments still looms large. Often times the gap between promise and performance has more to do with the people and the processes than the technology stack it was built on.

Stowe Group offers healthcare business intelligence and analytic solutions that enable providers (and payers) to gather critical data from across your enterprise and turn it into easily accessible, practical and actionable information.

Typical projects include:

  • Aligning business intelligence (BI) solutions with strategic financial, operational and clinical objectives
  • Designing and implementing clinical and financial workflows
  • Helping our clients develop decision support, data and metadata models
  • Establishing data governance frameworks
  • Establishing policies and procedures around data ownership and integrity
  • Designing dashboards and reports
  • Mapping, capturing, integrating, and normalizing all types of healthcare data
  • Selection and implementation of BI/analytics platform and tools
  • Leveraging more business value out of existing investments
  • Performance and scalability

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