Regulatory Mandates
A National Healthcare Network lacked the appropriate level of subject matter expertise to shepherd their ICD-10 effort toward a 2014 go-live. The Stowe Group built a capability to handle the computer assisted coding (CAC) roll out, developed a coder training program, participate in consolidation of the coding workforce as well as incorporate any new facilities being added to the healthcare system.

Population Health Claims Data Analytics

Our client experienced a significant increase in sales when they offered new claims-data analysis products and services to their healthcare payer customer base to support population health initiatives.  The demand resulted in a growing backlog of work for their Data Analysts that had to be reduced quickly to ensure customer satisfaction.  Further, the client was seeking opportunities to make their data analytics processes more efficient and less labor-intensive.

Stowe Group partnered with our client to provide a senior-level Claims Data Analyst with a strong development and reporting background.  The Stowe Group team member also had a strong data modelling background that allowed him to think about the client’s product design strategically.

Our client was able to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction by quickly reducing the services backlog.  Leveraging analytics expertise, the Stowe Group team member provided insight and guidance that led to improvements in our client’s analysis and reporting processes.  By leveraging the team member’s data modelling and development expertise, the client was able to redesign their products to better serve their customer base.  The customer, in turn, hired the Stowe Group team member as a full-time employee.

Solution Optimization
Our client, a major mid-western healthcare provider, made a large investment in a Lawson Supply Chain solution. The solution was not implemented properly and as a result the client did not have faith in the data or system functionality. The Stowe Group provided a senior consultant, who was instrumental in assessing the current state, defining the future state configuration, managing the change approval process and implementing the approved changes. The resulting implementation was divided into three phases which covered required changes, best-practice changes, and desired changes. This implementation, currently at the end of phase one, has already demonstrated significant improvement in ROI for the client.

Data Migration
Our client, one of the largest non-profit healthcare delivery networks in the United States, was faced with the following challenges:

      • Adhering to aggressive timelines for a project to replace regional, legacy Human Resources, Supply Chain, and Financial systems with a nationally centralized PeopleSoft 9.1 platform in association with a large functional Business Process Transformation effort
      • Extracting and validating data from the legacy systems in preparation for the transition to PeopleSoft 9.1
      • Simultaneously adhering to mandated deadlines for the implementation of Meaningful Use enhancements with a limited internal project management team

The Stowe Group partnered with the client to address the challenges; providing resources across various skillsets to manage projects, perform technical and QA services in support of data migrations and train internal teams on new HR, Supply Chain and Finance processes. Stowe Group also provided MedSeries4 subject matter expertise to support the data validation and extraction effort in numerous geographical locations as well as the deployment of an Ambulatory EMR system to hundreds of mobile carts and wall-mounted devices.

The client was able to keep its PeopleSoft HR, Supply Chain and Finance implementations on track. All project milestones were achieved on time, allowing MU2 attestation to be completed on deadline.

Data Warehousing
Our client’s IT Department needed to make relevant data available to stakeholders for their reporting needs.They created a team of ETL Developers to extract data from source systems, standardize it and load it into their data warehouse for use by a data modeler to create “data marts”. However, the team was overwhelmed with requests and could not meet the demand from the stakeholder community.

Our client partnered with the Stowe Group to supplement their team of ETL Development FTEs. The Stowe Group resources were assigned to focus on extracting and transforming data from Epic, Meditech, AthenaHealth and a claims solution.

Using the customer’s preferred ETL tools (Pentaho), the Stowe Group resources managed the extraction, transformation, validation and migration of data from the assigned source systems into the SQL-based data warehouse. However, they also took initiative and provided added value to the customer as follows:

      • Automated the building of ETL code
      • Automated the loading of data into the data warehouse
      • Automated data profiling QA
      • Developed a data staging solution for the data warehouse that replaced a staging product (DIH) . Their process was deemed by the customer as more efficient and faster.
      • Created a template to add new data sources to the solution (speeding time-to-integration)
      • vShared all of their work with the FTEs on the team who have since adopted all enhancements
      • Built the first data mart (containing patient encounter-related information)
      • The customer saw a quantifiable reduction in source -to-data warehouse times from 10 day to 4 days

Behavioral Health EMR Implementation
Our client, a large integrated health system with 5,500+ clinicians, 317 beds and 1.1 million+ ambulatory visits per year, decided to  implement a best-in-class behavioral health EMR solution to meet key regulatory, reimbursement and patient care improvement goals.  The leadership team faced the following challenges:

      • The new solution would have to be integrated with existing revenue cycle, ancillary and medication systems
      • Behavioral Health practice was still using a paper-based process and lacked the expertise required to implement and configure a behavioral health EMR
      • The Behavioral Health IT team was over capacity, which would have significantly delayed the implementation process

EMR Implementation
Our client partnered with the Stowe Group to provide a team of subject matter experts to assist with the implementation. The Stowe Group team worked collaboratively with the client’s team and stakeholders across the enterprise to develop and implement the EMR solution. Stowe Group’s resources served as sub-specialists in key areas of the project including project leadership, behavioral health operations, application expertise and clinical documentation along with revenue cycle, form design and system build.

As a result of the partnership, our client’s clinicians now have a reliable clinical decision support system that assists them with benchmarking, case studies and clinical metrics.  The client is also better able to adhere to privacy mandates (i.e., HIPAA, substance abuse (42 CRF), victim, judicial, etc.).  Clinical data is now submitted reliably to various HIE’s and, most significantly, the client expects to realize a 40% reduction in bad debt write-offs on ambulatory/outpatient services and a 5% reduction in bad debt write-offs for addiction services.

Team-Based Deliverables Engagement
Our client, a maker of non-invasive patient monitoring technologies, won a contract with the Department of Defense to provide their bases, clinics and hospitals with an Anesthesia EMR. This system was to be implemented in all of the DOD sites in the USA and internationally to include Italy, Germany, Japan, England, Spain and Afghanistan.  Our client was challenged with implementing the system at 65 sites within 12 months. The Stowe Group deployed  5 domestic and international teams with security clearances within 2 weeks. These teams consisted of Project Managers, Technical Specialists, Technical Support Representatives and Clinical Application Specialists. The implementation was completed ahead of schedule and our client has since been awarded a follow-on contract from the DOD.

Regulatory Compliance Project
Our client, a Major Hospital Network, was faced with the daunting challenge of an urgent Electronic Health Record (EHR) system implementation to prevent the loss of significant Meaningful Use (MU) payments. This was driven from multiple points including but not limited to, meeting current Meaningful Use (MU) requirements and the phasing out of the current solution. These drivers, if not addressed, would have created unacceptable issues regarding clinical workflow.  Within 5 days, the Stowe Group deployed a project team to handle Requirements Gathering, Workflow Redesign, Build/Configuration, Testing, Training and Go-Live support. The project was completed on budget and ahead of schedule.

Process Improvement Consulting
Our client, a Microsoft Gold Partner, was looking to bring more consistency and efficiency to its process to deliver technology. Historically they dealt with their development approach in a client by client focus. In order to streamline development, they wished to consolidate technologies into a more product-like environment.  The Stowe Group designed, developed, tested and implemented a new method for improving the overall development environment. We created, documented, and deployed tools that enabled engineering system processes and deployments. The new development process is now in place leaving our client more efficient and stronger than when we started.

Project and Program Management
Our client, a health care system that operates a network of hospitals, behavioral health centers, long-term nursing and rehabilitation facilities was implementing a new scheduling system. Their ambulatory and acute care facilities were also ready to go-live on a new Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system that had a dependency on the new scheduling system being deployed. The Stowe Group provided the project and program management to coordinate and expedite the roll-out of the new scheduling system in time to meet the deployment requirement of the EMR. Our client is now benefiting from their new scheduling system and went live on their new EMR.