Effective collaboration is the most powerful approach to getting things done, and typically accounts for more than half the reason any project or program may or may not be successful.

But achieving effective collaboration can be very challenging, particularly across a service chain, as a number of key factors and disciplines need to be in place to make it work well.

These factors include having shared goals, structured communications, clear roles, the right people in the right roles, the right metrics, discipline around documentation, a common language and lens, constructive confrontation and straight talk just to name a few of the most critical success factors to effective collaboration.

At the Stowe Group, our culture, entire engagement model, mentality and delivery methodologies are all centered on ensuring that our integrated client delivery teams benefit from the power of the collaborative process.

This involves a range of collaborative practices and disciplined approaches from how we structure and resource engagements, measure success, communicate progress and issues to how we sun-set people and projects.

The majority of our engagement teams are fully integrated with client resources, and we’re thoughtful about how best to evolve those team dynamics over time to ensure that the client team is getting stronger and more self-sufficient.

With most engagements we’ll build in a successful exit strategy into the project plan to ensure that we leave your team stronger and more capable than when we found you.

If you’re looking for a firm to come in, take sole ownership of the project, complete the tasks and submit the documentation back to you and your team then the Stowe Group is not a fit for your needs.

However, if you want a talented team of seasoned experts to sit with you, roll up their sleeves and collaborate with you around how best to help you to accomplish your mission: we’re likely the right firm for the job.

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